Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hugging trees gives you splinters

By: Ed

I am taking a wildlife issues class for a science requirement this semester. I am liking the teacher a lot more than I did at the beggining (she came off sort of like a fanatic) but some students don't seem to get reality.

My teacher is a conservationist (as opposed to a animal rights activist). I am more a conservationist in the environment area myself than anything. For those who have no idea of the difference, let me explain. Conservationists seek to...well..conserve. They want to keep animal populations and habitats up because they bring an ineffible quality to the world and provide stable living. Animal Rights activists are psychos. They are people that would save an endangered rat as opposed to a sick child needing the rats blood to cure him (not all mind you but many).

I can't understand some of their logic though (those in my class). They appear to be willing to say anything they think the teacher will agree with to be "a crusader for the cute and fuzzies". When it comes to less appealing animals they say "get on the truck" (food truck) to quote Dennis Leary.

For example, some had cats (I stand by my original assertion that cats are inherently evil but thats another post). When asked if they let their cats out at night they said yes. Then they were told that (even and especially well fed cats) killed many insects and birds native to the environment (which is now making them endangered). They were then given the numbers of cats (something in the millions) without homes. They were told the only way to curb this problem was to not let there cats out and either adopt or kill all the stray cats. They didn't like that one bit. "Cats don't deserve that" one says. "We can't sentence another living creature to death...who are we to do that" says another. We are human; thats who. We can do anything we want to them. Watch:

*picks up cat*
*kills cat*
*feeds cat to other starving humans and saves ecosystem*

See? Easy?