Thursday, November 18, 2004

My comments on Akermans...comments...

By: Ed

1. God doesn't need companionship...I agree. He had all the love/companionship He needed in the Trinity (Father Son and Holy Spirit). To say He needed companionship would take away from God's perfect nature. It would mean He was lacking in something that only WE could provide. That isn't true. Instead, God created us to share His joy and glory.

2. He will do whats best for us. When we pray, we do so mostly for our own good. By asking for specifics (and adding "in the end I trust in your will to be best") we acknowledge our reliance upon God for everything. You don't have to ask for specifics, but you can. God is also a parent that wants to give us anything we ask for. When we ask Him, and its good for us to have it, He grants it. He may have already had it in His plan to give to us, but we should still ask to show our reliance on Him.

3.Intimacy doesn't bring casualness, sloth does. Certainly you can love someone and not be disrespectfull. I believe God does want us to have an intamate relationship with Him. How else can we share in His life in Heaven?

It was brought up in the chat that the Bible may not be infallible. That is where things get iffy. If the Bible wasn't infallible, you could pick and choose anything to follow. Your individual preference would rule instead of God's Word. This essentially creates a "cafeteria Christian" society. No, the Bible is infallible. It gives us explicit ways to live and act as shown us by God.

"God provided us with reasoning and observation for a reason: these holy tools of intellect allow us to analyze the world to decide what's right and true, and to see what's right through consideration of the consequences." -Akerman

Spoken like a true scientist, but what happens when science fails? Surely you know there are things we can't know by science alone. Yes, intellect and reason give us great insight into the world and God's plan, but we can NEVER understand everything. That is where faith comes in. That is why we must trust that God knows best and His Word written about in His word (like the pun) must be followed.