Saturday, January 29, 2005

Legal recourse for scott peterson....

By: Ed

I havn't seen the evidence against Scott Peterson so I will not render judgment about his guilt. This post is of strictly a legal nature that I, if I was his attorney, would persue.

As I understand it, Scott is charged with (and was found guilty of) two murders. One of his wife, Laci, and one of their unborn child. Now here is were it gets interesting. A woman, at the juncture Laci was at, could have aborted their child. When Scott does, though, he is charged with a murder. Is that not then sexism and thus unconstitutional?

Certainly the child is does not change in its human dignity or essence depending on what gender murders him or her. Therfore, the child (yet unborn) either has rights or it doesn't. It is a great hypocricy to charge Peterson with a murder when his wife could have legally done the same thing.