Saturday, February 19, 2005

What the fudge?

By: Ed

As I write this, I am watching the Lary King interview of Mary Kay Letourneau. As I am watching, I can't help but be disgusted; with society and the former teacher. I am simply outraged by the lack of remorse this woman appears to have and further angered by the apathy of many citizens.

I have heard several times now how others had a teacher fantasy in school; how it was somehow not as bad because of this feeling. Her victim was (I think) 12 years old when she abused him. How sick can a person get to think they can have a deep and meaningful relationsip with a 12 year old? She spoke of her "first family" and how she might not be able to see her children if she continued the affair. She did continue though. Obviously her actions show that she only cares about Mary Letourneau.

Now she is engaged to her victim. I absolutely detest that there is no legal recourse to stop this unholy union, but alas it can't be done without taking our own freedoms; freedoms from innocents. I suppose my main point though, what really infuriated me, was how this is starting to be shown as a "deep love that survived all odds". She abused a child! If a man committed this crime he (if he survived prison) would be burned in effigy by the media for this action. Instead, King seemed to go light on her and her "love" continues to warp the true boundries of decent and loving relationships.

So I leave all readers with this question:

How much further will you allow our culture to slip?