Monday, August 08, 2005

Stand back..... or I will blow you up with my condom gun?

By: Ed

Well, planned parenthood golden gate chapter has released a cartoon on choice. Of course I was utterly shocked when I saw how one sided it was. *Sarcasm detector beeps twice*

I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't the gross neglect of fact (at least not to this extent) and lack of tact this had.

Click on "Meet PPGG's superhero for choice"

The cartoon starts out with Diana turning into the pro-choice superhero Dionysus (It is apt for them to use a pagan god). Suddenly she comes upon some, apparently high school, students being coaxed into abstinence. Of course the children are prepared for this bad version of a cartoon villains arguments against sex. In response to his crude arguments for abstinence only to prevent pregnancy and std's they say "Well we have contraception and I'm not planning to get an std."

I would love to see the office where that gets planned.
"Well Mr. Johnson we have you down for a 6 o'clock herpes on tuesday"
"Ooo.. um... thats not really good for me. Can I get a 10 o'clock HIV infection Friday?"
"Sure I'll just pencil you in"

Apparently the children still needed Dionysus with their steel trap minds though and so she comes and drowns the abstinence promoter in a trash can of lube. Next we go to an anti-abortion picket line, but not before Dionysus gives the three children a safe sex kit. "Go on now kids and have a good safe orgy."

"Pray for thy sins" is written on picket signs during the next part as these zombie-like protesters come closer and closer to Dionysus. She is careful to point out how they have a right to be there because of our constitution right before she blows the peaceful (though monster looking) protesters up with her condom gun.

Whats next? Why capital hill of course, where a conservative senator is cooking a stew with the Constitution, Bill of Rights and judgement in Roe v. Wade. After a quick cleansing in the stew though the senator decides he was wrong (this was all the stew, not that he was naked on a platter held up by a super hero taking her name from a pagan god).

The whole thing just digsuted me, but I wanted everyone to see it so click the link and let me know what you think.



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