Saturday, October 18, 2003


By: Michael Akerman

Sorry for the total lackism of late. No one has posted in a while, but I can explain!

Really... um...

Well, Smith's been working and other such... stuff.

Snyder went on a cruise last week. He'll be back soon, and "should" post on the blog about it.

I.... well...

Mostly, I simply haven't gotten in the mood recently. Also, I've been doing a bunch of extracurricular crap.

All three of us are doing college app.s stuff, but a lot of that will cool off on Nov. 1.

By the way, I was accepted to N.C. State... go me...

...I hope to post soon. On something... I can't remember what at the moment...

Friday, October 03, 2003

All brand new crap!

By: Michael Akerman

All brand new crap!

See brand new crap!

It's everywhere!

Look over there!

Stuff, oh stuff is changing, it is changing. I mean stuff.

Additions to the site.

Additions to the site!

Hey! New crap! Look over there!

Okay. Well, really, there is new crap. Not as much as I made it seem though.

Following suit from Adam Wenner (link at right), I've added a comments page to each post. Click and comment. Enjoy yourself.

Also, after noticing that it was hard to find the division between posts, I added colored horizontal reference bars between posts. They look like this.

I've been thinking about moving to a free server, but that usually requires pop-up ads, banner ads, moving to a new domain (new URL, basically), or a heck of a lot of work on my part to avoid these.

So, should I? Feel free to comment on this issue, or e-mail me.

~Michael Akerman,'s hard to find good free servers these days...