Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Magic Web Site Transformation!

By: Michael Akerman

Now that I'm hosting the blog on my webspace (technically, RoadRunner's webspace, but it's rented by my family) I'm thinking about making the blog into a multi-page web site, with seperate sections for each regular contributor.

I figure I'll present it professionally in a kind of newpaper/forum style, and add a TrackBack link at the bottom of each post to allow easy responses to posts by different authors. I think I'll also figure out a way to maintain links to responses on original posts (i.e., I write a post, Smith responds using my TrackBack URL, I add a link to his post on my original post). I also plan on having a Reader's Contributions section and a Webmaster's Log, tracking the developments of the website itself.

Each regular contributor will be a Staff Writer, and I'll put those neat little black and white pictures of each staff writer on his section. I will be the Webmaster.

All I need now is a title. I'm leaning toward "The Learned Weasel" (Learned pronounced ler-ned), but feel free to give suggestions. I will also need artwork matching the title. If I go with The Learned Weasel, I'm thinking a weasel in a purple velvet robe (the fancy rich type) sitting on a beanbag wearing a monocle and smoking a pipe while holding an open newspaper and looking at the viewer. If you can draw, by all means send your work for this to me. I'll cite you as the artist right next to the art, if I use it. Send contributions to

...or the Learned Gecko, or Learned Monkey, or Learned Ferret...


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