Friday, August 06, 2004

Rhetorically Useless

By: Michael Akerman

Entering college, it seems that these universities are largely wasting my time. I mean that, at least at State, the information provided is consistently either limited and repetitive or terribly hard to access. For instance, orientation was merely a repetition of everything they had already sent us: all the papers, forms, and pamphlets that we already had.

The information that I actually need, it seems, is carefully hidden, or written in the most difficult jargon possible. Finding out more about foreign language requirements (which Ragsdale (surprise) did a poor job of informing me of exactly what was required) led me, finally, to a Google search on (yay, Google!). Incidentally, I have my foreign language fulfilled, which both removes a weight from my shoulders and further complicates my already cramped schedule, wherein my mom wants more credit hours.

Aside from ill-designed websites (which is ironic for a university with a design school), setting up remote access to the NCSU computer lab network was astoundingly easy, though harder than it should have been. I'm now set up with a Secure Shell direct access to my Eos/Unity account, a virtual hard drive image that direct connects to Eos/Unity through WolfCall, FTP access to my account, and the ability to remotely run the Unity programs on my home computer. Additionally, every student at State gets 50 Mb of storage or webspace, which means I could theoretically set up PHP and MySQL files on that storage and run really cool programs on the blog (like good message boards).

This laptop is terribly slow, even at basic typing, while Norton's running, so I'm ending it here.

~Michael Akerman