Monday, December 11, 2006

Blogger Beta

By: Michael Akerman

Assuming you are not blind, you probably noticed that the site has changed rather drastically.

This is because we've moved to the new Blogger Beta and, with that, I've moved to a Blogger template to take advantage of the new features (movable widgets! Dynamic template changes! An easy way to change colors! New code tools! Tagging and categories! Weeeeee!).

The old HaloScan comments are still on the old posts (or should be. Drop me a comment on this post if they're not), but I'm going to try Blogger's commenting system (no idea what new stuff came in that with the Beta) for a while. If everyone vastly prefers HaloScan, I can easily move back to it.

Also, feel free to comment on which template you like better: the current one or the old one (which I, personally, thought was hideous). Or, if you like this one, but think it could be better, tell me that and how. I'll probably dig into some template editing anyway. The main bar is too squished. The footers of the posts wrap too much, and Smith's posts look even longer than usual.

Exam Time Again

It's exam time again at NCSU. I won't be detailed, since I've gone over this before, but I'll continue my lackluster campaign against final exams. They prove nothing, are too weighty in grade calculations and serve mainly as a massive stress producer for no clear purpose.

I'm going to try to post sometime this week when I'm not studying for or taking an exam. Maybe my new toys on the blog will entice me.

By my hand,
~Michael Akerman


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