Thursday, August 21, 2003

The first post: Me, and me alone.

By: Michael Akerman

Ah, the infamous first post. Well, how to start?

My name is Michael (as everyone's name is now), and I harvest my reserves of knowledge at Ragsdale High School. It has occured to me that, although I contemplate deeply on many varied subjects (honestly, I'm not just embiggening myself (Thanks to G. W. for that one), I do think a lot), I have no outlet for these contemplations. As an introvert, I do not enjoy talking to crowds, and my school does not have a discussion club of any kind. Besides, people generally tend to get emotional before I can finish my thought, and they do not allow me to state my reasoning.

Blogging seems to be the perfect solution. I can organize my thoughts fully before presenting them to the masses, and people will read only my full thoughts, rather than exploding at me mid-sentence.

Before I blog off (Wow. I wonder how often that pun has been used...), a few more tidbits. I play DragonRealms (Great game. Don't come if you're not serious.), and I am a Moon Mage in said game. Mayhaps you can figure out who I am...

At any rate, I hope to keep a relatively candid blog of my thoughts on this site in perpetuity.

'Til I post again,

...why think, when you can blog? ...