Sunday, August 31, 2003

A response to the response:Ah, Michael. You poor misguided teen

By: Ed

The profits of the school do not come from the successful students that graduate, but rather from the students that come because of the successful students. While some introverts may become successful, they are not normally around people and therefore are not well known by the masses. If they are well known, then they are known as jerks because, as you said earlier, society hates introverts. Colleges need WELL KNOWN, and liked people to persuade prospective students to apply. This, of course, is accomplished using the "you too can become famous" technique pioneered by so many infomercials.

Also Michael, introverts normally do lack essential social skills because they never took the time to learn them. They may not always be shy, but they can be overbearing. Normally an introvert will resort to one of these two extremes since they lack the ability to associate well with others.

My reason for saying most introverts do not succeed is simple; they don't. Only geniuses can afford to be introverts, and that lasts only as long as they are needed by their employer. This explains your Mathematicians and other scientists. The political game is where jobs, money, and most other rewards in life are won and lost. For most companies, being the bosses budy is better than being good at your job. People like this and, contrary to all logic, will prize it higher than a hard worker or smart person.

These truths are harsh, but so is the world. Suck it up and move on.