Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Mmmm... Postable!

By: Michael Akerman

I'm thinking of changing my major to communications. Why, you ask?

Because I want to know how to say "Would you like fries with that?" in six different languages!

Ha! Seriously, though, if any Comm. majors out there would like to explain why they deemed it necessary to spend several dozen thousands of dollars a year to learn how to talk and write, feel free.

Once again, I've hit that point in the school year when I feel like I could achieve more through independent study. Luckily, it's not as pronounced as last year, but I'm still writing this blog post in Chemistry class on a Palm Zire. I need a Tungsten, with a keyboard and a wireless card.

I must admit, though, that it's at least amusing here. Right now, some people behind me are discussing whether there can be "gay Christians." The girl, taking the liberal stand, said, and I quote, "Well, the Bible was written by a bunch of old white guys who didn't know what they were doing." I wonder if she realizes that the Bible was written by Middle-Easterners.

Politics time!

My last post will be my final in-depth Kerry v. Bush post until at least Nov. 2nd. I may still refer to it, and link back to it, but I've said everything I can think of. I will respond to comments and posts on the subject, but I'm not a big fan of wars of attrition, and all of these presidential posts have devolved into rhetoric, in my opinion.

I will, however, post about other races. For instance, the NC governor race.

I'm no fan of Governor Mike Weasley, of course. And, I don't hold this view purely because he's a Democrat. Actually, I'm not sure he's done anything in office. I'd certainly like a man being paid hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to be somewhat politically active.

"There was a gas shortage and a flock of sea gulls. That's about it." -Austin Powers

However, I can't support Patrick Ballantine either, who, aside from having a woefully unmockable name, suffers from the same fundamental failing as John Kerry: hidden "plans." Ballantine pulls the same trick as Kerry, in which he claims such outrageous plans as giving state workers higher pay while lowering taxes. How will the state, already in a deficit, pay for this?

Of course, we'll "reallocate."

I'm aware that no politician will give away his entire strategy, but when you avoid answering a challenge, as both Ballantine and Kerry do, it means you either don't think the citizens ought to know or that they won't understand, or you're unprepared and don't know the answer.

So, I'm not voting for governor this year. And if Easley wins by one vote, I can stand up and say, "Who cares? He doesn't change anything anyway!"