Monday, October 11, 2004

Weird Bits 'n' Bobbins

By: Michael Akerman

I was gonna write poetry today
But I fear that my mood went away.
It was sunny and bright,
But past dawn's early light,
I fear that my mood had turned gray.

I really was going to write a fairly long poem, but Latin is bummin' me. Cause my prof. is one of those professors who will help you enough to meet requirements so he keeps his job, but he believes that a B is basically the best anyone should get. Maybe I'll really apply myself and get a 100 on the final, because that will surprise him.

By the way, I got an 89 on my midterm exam, which is too low in a subject I've had two years of. Especially considering I got a perfect score on my Physics and Economics exams.

Hey, seriously, everyone, if you haven't joined NationStates yet, join now. I'm plugging it one last time because it'd be nice to have more countries to play politics with. We currently have a free trade agreement and a possibility of war growing, as well as some very deep animosity toward one country (Smith's... who would have guessed? Me, because he chose to play a "psychotic dictatorship"). Link's on the right, instructions on how to join the IVIC region are... like... two posts below.

I remembered something! After I originally posted this, I mean.
I love my news aggregator (Sage, for Mozilla Firefox). Without it, how would I keep up with all the wierd things, like from Dave Barry's Blog? For instance, this article. Seriously, read the link. Freaky-deeky.

Happy Christopher Columbus Day!

Today we celebrate Christopher Columbus' re-discovery of the New World (the Vikings were here first!), which opened North America to European Colonization, and allowed America to exist. No, wait, we don't celebrate it. We commemorate with a day filled with... school and open businesses? In fact, let me adjust my statement again. We commemorate it, and some mourn it.

Say wha!?!? Alright, I've heard like six times that Christopher Columbus caused the destruction of the American Indian. Well, yes, I suppose so, in the same way that Jesus caused the spread of terrorism (it's true to the same degree). For some reason, people seem to have the idea that the Europeans meant to kill the American Indians off with smallpox. Oh, yes, Ol' Chris came over with his... what, was he carrying vials of smallpox? He didn't mean to, and few, if any, even theorized about how contagious disease actually worked.

As far as those Indians who were killed by arms and action, rather than germs and bad luck, they are the minority. Many, many, many more Indians were killed by disease than by action. Besides, I blame the Spanish Conquistadors.

To summarize: Columbus Day should be a day off. For everybody. With parades. For God's sake, MLK Jr. gets a day off, and all he really did was talk and die! He wasn't even the only civil rights activist to do as much as he did. He only get his day because he was assassinated.

Continuing on that point, MLK Jr. Day should be officially changed to Civil Rights Day. It's more all inclusive, and carries a much larger meaning. Currently, it seems more like a day of mourning. None of us knew him, we have no right to mourn him. With my proposed name, it would actually commemorate the struggle for civil rights and remind people of their necessity.

It's like Patriot Day (September 11). I told people they would name it that in 2002. I was right, and it's still a stupid day. September 11th shouldn't be about patriots. It should be about remembrance. Thus, it should be Remembrance Day.

~Michael Akerman