Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Oyez, Subjects! Welcome to Kashikov!

By: Michael Akerman

First note: I forgot to mention that Philip's Blog has his Top 14 Stupidest Things to Do list. I told him I'd mention it here, but forgot on my last post.

Now this is neat! There's a free international politics game called NationStates. It's fairly simple, takes, like, two minutes a day, and allows you to make your own region. So I did. And you'll all join (more because it's easier to keep track of each other that way than anyway else)!

Anyways, go to the homepage at and click "Create a Country!" There's a short questionnare (like six questions. Relax, jumpy) to determine your country's political standing. After that, click South Pacific on the left sidebar. Then click "move to a new region" in the line "Tired of life in South Pacific? Then move to a new region!" and search for South Ivicia. It should ask for a password, which is "ivicblog", without quotes.

Problem is, the game's written by an author, so his prejudices inevitably show through toward Conservatives, but it's not too bad, really.

New Subject

People don't appreciate time to think. I love it! Not that I want to be idle constantly, but I'd rather have time to meditate than rush through life constantly.

The reason I bring this up is because every time I tell people I drive about thirty minutes to school, they inevitably say some variation of "That sucks!" I don't see why (aside from gas consumption). My current working theory is that people are afraid of thinking. Hard to say why, but all I ever see is people on a constant quest to get their mind off of everything: finding parties, getting drunk, having sex, doing drugs. They're all variations on avoiding thought. Maybe thinking causes them to realize that their life is not going where they want, or perhaps they have delusions of intellectual grandeur that are shattered when they try to think

I think everybody should spend some time thinking about stuff, preferably something important: psychology, philosophy, sociology, politics, science, mathematics.

By the way, the talking heads say Cheney won tonight's debate. Tomorrow's Friday for me, so I'll watch it after school.

~Michael Akerman