Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Allow Myself to Introduce.... Myself

By: UnrepentantNewDealer

I suppose it would be rude to post blogs without introducing myself (rather like walking up to a complete stranger and conversing with him like you would with a trusted friend). So... Where to begin?

My name is Michael Smith. I attend Ragsdale High School alongside some of the most agile, perceptive and quick-thinking minds I have thus far encountered, almost all of whom are regular contributors to this Blog. This is my senior year and the combination of senioritis and chronic procrastination is converging to create a perfect storm of epic proportions -- The Big Crunch. Between church (I am President of my church's Youth Council, DeMolay (a service and character building club, very similar to the Boy Scouts, but affiliated with the Masons, of which I am Master Councilor, the highest elected position), scanning groceries at work, filling out college application essays and doing the homework and studying associated with the three AP courses I am taking this semester, that leaves very little time to pursue my favorite pastime (reading), much less posting blog entries.

I now find myself in the unusual position of having no spare time. (OK, technically time does not exist, but time is a useful concept. We humans would go crazy if we hadn't created the concept of time. To quantify the world around us is, I am convinced, the very crux, the essence of being human. I quantify, therefore I am.... More on the nonexistence of time later... see what I mean?)

My long-term career goals include working for the State Department or CIA, pursing a career in writing (both fiction and nonfiction) and screenwriting, as well as a possible campaign for the U.S. Senate or other high federal office. Just think: "Send Mr. Smith to Washington", "I Like Mike"... the slogan possibilities alone are endless! Which leads naturally enough into my first political discussion on this site. This being the natural end to my intro, I will pick up with the aforementioned post later and end this particular post now (Aaaugh! Time references again!)

Until next "time",

*Michael Smith*