Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Everything changes! Everything chaaAAaaaAAAnges! ;)

By: Michael Akerman

For those keeping score (I know I am), the site's undergone a quasi-facelift. More of a noselift, really.

Some things I've added and changed:

New "Posted by" line above the posts (confused about who posted something? So was I!).

Nifty horizontal reference bars all over the joint.

New "Posted by" line beside the date at the bottom of posts.

All the links should now pop up a new window.

Knowledge of how to manipulate text size, color, and fonts (see above).

Now, if any of it doesn't work, feel free to e-mail me. The e-mail link is at the bottom-right.

Most knowledge for changes came from HTML Goodies.

Look for more to come in the future later after now,

~Michael Akerman,
...maybe we'll switch back to our original informal signatures...