Monday, September 22, 2003

Word. And... um... Check It...

By: Michael Akerman

First off:

Watch it!

You will watch this!

You will be amazed!

Watch it!

Be amazed!

Heh... I like that...

Mushroom! Mushroom!


All the Liberals Say "What!"


No, what!



Last week (I haven't posted lately. I know. Haven't gotten in the mood.) our A.P. Government class took a quiz to find out our placement on the political spectrum. Incidentally, I was by far the most conservative class member (more than twice as conservative as the next). Predictably, most of the class was liberal. This is a fairly accurate representation of a high school, and for very logical reasons.

In high school, most people do not think about issues. They simply believe what they feel. And feelings are what liberalism runs on. Now, far be it for me to say that all liberals run on feelings (I'm sure some honestly believe liberal idealogy. Of course, they're wrong, but most of that wrongness will be discussed eventually in the blog, so let's not be abstract.)

Those who view the issues through the clarifying lens of logic understand the benefits of conservative idealogy, and thus believe these beliefs. They know that laissez faire and restrictions on negligent behavior will help the whole of the country. The economic controls and Do-What-You-Want beliefs of the liberal camp may benefit the individual, but they have the potential to destroy the country entirely (luckily, most liberals are more moderate than this, and there are conservatives to counter-balance them), and that wouldn't be good for anyone, now would it?

Other things: A lot of people didn't realize how moderate they were before they analyzed themselves. Some didn't realize they were slightly liberal (they thought they were on the good side ;)). Other than that, I don't have much else to say right now.

~Michael Akerman,
..."The Cheat is not dead!"...